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Paw Paw Gun Shop

P.O. Box 208, 104 Walker Street, Rivesville, West Virginia 26588

Phone: (304) 278-5833


Gun Stock Refinishing

All stocks are restored to the highest quality appearance and finish. This usually is determined by the stock itself. Sometimes a stock is so oil soaked that it's impossible to remove all of the oil. This leaves the stock at a slightly darker color after refinishing than a newer stock.

I use True-Oil or polyurethane (depending on what the customer wants). Oil finishes usually end up with at least ten thin coats, and is hand rubbed to give a smooth glass like appearance that adds depth and enhances the grain. Polyurethane finishes are applied by spraying and usually have about six coats applied to the wood. This gives the wood a smooth glass like appearance much like the oil finish. Polyurethane produces a harder finish than oil, and is the best choice for a stock that will see hard use; this finish is very close to the factory finish. Both the oil and polyurethane can be applied to give a gloss or low luster finish.

There is no exact procedure for refinishing a gun stock. Each stock is treated individually because each will have different requirements to restore the natural beauty that it once possessed. However, I normally take the following steps when refinishing a stock:

The average turn-around time for refinishing is 4 - 6 weeks but varies depending on the stock and the work involved. Prices vary with each stock and a quote should be obtained before shipping the stock to me.

I guarantee all of my work not to fail under normal use. I also appreciate any feedback (good or bad). This lets me know if I'm satisfying my customers. Your satisfaction is what counts.

Gun Stock Repairs

Regardless of how badly a stock is damaged, most can be returned to a serviceable condition. This sometime requires brass pins or wood dowels to reinforce the repair, or a piece of wood added to the stock to fill in chips that have been taken out of the stock. There is no way to make a stock that has been broken or badly abused look "like new". I will do all that is necessary to provide a serviceable stock and minimize the "bandages". As I have said before, each stock is treated individually and each will have it's own requirements to restore it. I will also replace any stock that is damaged beyond repair. If this is the case, I will contact you with a quote for a new stock. Prices vary with each repair and a quote should be obtained before shipping the stock to me.

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