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Paw Paw Gun Shop

P.O. Box 208, 104 Walker Street, Rivesville, West Virginia 26588

Phone: (304) 278-5833


Custom Gun stocks

Paw Paw Gun Shop not only refinishes older stocks; we also will fit your gun with a new stock to your liking. Custom stocks or gun works, as with all work should have a quote obtained before shipping anything to us. In the event that the stock you send me is not restorable I will contact you with a quote for replacing the stock. I will not perform any work on your firearms without first contacting you.


I also build custom muzzleloaders and black powder rifles. From the Pennsylvania rifles or Kentucky rifles, to the modern in-lines; whatever you desire. Call or E-mail us with exactly what you want and we will return a quote to you within 2 days.

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